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Board Member Application

Board Member Recruiting ends on May 12th 2024

Are you interested in becoming a PIECES Board Member for the upcoming academic year 2024/2025? Do you want to be part of a great association with more than thirty members, organize projects all around the globe, and have an even bigger impact?

The association is comprised of the President, Vice President and 5 different departments with different functions: Projects and Education, Sponsoring and Finance, Fundraising and Public Relations, Events & Marketing .

The following descriptions help you to find out which position suits you best. Please read them carefully before you apply.

Fill out the form below to apply for a Board Member position.

We are looking forward to receiving your application! 

Which Position Suits You Best? Find Out Yourself!

President (4 ECTS)

As the President of PIECES, you are responsible for organising and planning PIECES' activities. You need to set short-term and long-term goals and need to make sure to implement them successfully. You need to coordinate the different departments, work together with the Board and Active Members and supervise them. In addition to that, you need to cultivate the relationships with PIECES' stakeholders. Your tasks also include lending a helping hand to the departments should the need arise, solve problems and create reports for the Supervising Professor and the Advisory Board. 
The perfect candidate is fluent in English, able to lead and work in a team, driven, communicative, open-minded, good at networking, able to motivate others and posses problem-solving skills. 

(4 ECTS) 

​As a Vice-President, you are involved in many projects of the organisation. Together with the president, you make sure that the activities of the different departments are well coordinated, with an overall view of the organisation. In this goal, you help the president in the preparation and structuration of the board meetings, the long-term planing of the activities of the organisation and the support of the other board members whenever it is needed. Additionally, you are responsible for the development and maintenance of the website and all other IT related activities. So if you are well organised, able to work in a team and willing to take on responsibility, the position of Vice-President is a good fit for you!

Co-Heads of Projects
(each 4 ECTS)

As the Head of Projects, you will oversee current projects and plan for new ones. You’ll select and lead teams to ensure project success. Additionally, you are responsible for recruiting volunteers, coordinating with local communities at our project sites to organize volunteer assignments, and updating educational materials for volunteers. You are also responisble for organizing and executing the Bootcamp for the volunteers. This year, we are also introducing two Co-Heads of Projects to assist in these efforts. This role is ideal for those looking to enhance their organizational and communication skills while taking on significant responsibilities.

Head of PR & Fundraising
(4 ECTS)

As the Head of PR and Fundraising, you will be instrumental in securing funding and nurturing relationships with our existing and previous sponsors. Your duties involve reaching out to corporations, foundations, and service clubs, providing you with valuable experience in professional stakeholder communication. You'll also have the opportunity to flex your creativity by devising innovative fundraising strategies.


The ideal candidate should be fluent in German, possess strong networking skills, and have a charismatic presence that leaves a positive impression. In addition, you should be skilled in crafting compelling messages and public presentations and adept at organizing fundraising events. This role is perfect for someone who is proactive, detail-oriented, and passionate about driving our mission forward through effective public relations and fundraising initiatives.

Head of Marketing
(4 ECTS)

The Marketing Department aims at increasing PIECES’ reputation inside and outside of the University. We obtain this goal by advertising to our target group through different channels such as social media, flyers, our website and presence at info events. As Head of Marketing, you will not just create flyers, videos and other promotion material but you will work alongside your fellow Board Members and your Active Members. By coming up with new ideas to do marketing, you will gain professional experience in your field and obtain important soft skills when working in a team. You are a good fit in case you have a creative mind, you write flawlessly in English and/or German and you have a clever and intriguing way of expressing yourself. The abilities to work in a team, under stress as well as being able to take initiative on your own is crucial to ensure further growth and prosperity. 

Head of Events
(4 ECTS)
Head of Sponsoring and Finance
(4 ECTS)

As the Head of the Sponsoring & Finance Department, you are responsible for managing our financial accounts and securing in-kind sponsorships for projects and events. Your role includes preparing comprehensive financial documents such as budgets, year-end reports, and account statements. You will collaborate closely with other departments to meet our financial objectives.


The ideal candidate should have a strong affinity for numbers and the ability to work in a structured and organized way, with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, you should possess excellent negotiation skills to effectively secure sponsorships and partnerships.. This position is well-suited for someone who is analytical, proactive, and committed to maintaining high standards in financial management and sponsor relations.

The Events Department is responsible for the creation and organization of fun events that bring people together, raise awareness and money for our PIECES projects. By joining our club, you are able to put your ideas into practice to organise external events open to anyone, such as speaker events, parties and the annual tombola on the one hand, and on the other hand, club-internal social gatherings for PIECES members. You will experience great teamwork, gain communication skills, take over responsibility and get to know many people. You should be a driven, extroverted person with good teamwork skills, be creative to come up with event ideas, have a flair for attracting a crowd and of course be good at scheduling.


Vanessa Toth


Carlotta Grajer


Mara Lerf

Head of Projects


Marie Shanahan

Head of Sponsoring and Finance

IMG_0480 (5).JPG

Justus Baum

Head of Education


Léa  Hurther


Aileen Mai

Head of Marketing

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The Recruiting Process


Applications are now open. The deadline is May 12th, 2024


Each application will be forwarded to the current Board Member of the respective department. According to the number of candidatures, the Board will either interview all candidatures for their department or only interview candidates with outstanding candidatures.

Apply Now!

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