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Recruitment Process

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to be part of a unique experience? Then sign up as a volunteer for one of our projects. Apply by filling out the application form and uploading your CV and motivation letter, both written in English, in one PDF-File. 
If your application convinces us then we will invite you to an interview in which your English level and person will be assessed. Depending on the number of applicants, we will either interview all candidates or only candidates with outstanding candidatures. 

March 25th - April 26th: Application Period for Volunteers 
Upload your CV and a motivation letter (both in English) in ONE PDF-document, naming it “firstname.surname” (e.g. “frida.kahlo.pdf”) in the application form. Introduce yourself in the motivation letter (one page A4), and mention one or two preferences regarding the project destination, as well as why you are interested in going to these countries.


Please note that we continuously recruit volunteers throughout the application period, so applying early can increase your chances of being selected.

Process: Interviews of Volunteer Candidates
Your English level will be tested while we get get to know you. We will also assess if you are fit for teaching at one of our projects. The interviews will take place on a weekly basis. If you meet our internal application standards we will send you a selection of possible interview time slots from which you will be able to freely choose. The later you apply the less choices you will have so keep this in mind when applying at the end of our applicaiton period. The interviews will take place in person at the University of St. Gallen.

Until Beginning of May: Selection of the Volunteers 
Volunteers will receive a confirmation e-mail with the final Board decision and respective details (including volunteering contract and further travel details).

May 17th, 2024: Bootcamp 
The Volunteer Bootcamp will take place in person at the University of St. Gallen. During the duration of the bootcamp you will receive the tools required to effectively teach and communicate in a foreign environment. Former volunteers will also give you insights and personal advice for your specific project destination. You will also get the opportunity to meet your new volunteering team members. Attending the Bootcamp is mandatory for all prospective volunteers!

Dates of volunteering:  Mid July-Mid August, 2024

Warning: Exact dates will be subject to change but will fall within the lecture-free period after the exams. We highly recommend that applicants keep the dates around the ones advertised open.


Application Volunteering 
Summer 2024

Summer 2024 Volunteering Application:


Please complete and submit the application form to apply for volunteering in Summer 2024

Datei hochladen

Thanks for Submitting!

Summer Volunteering Applications


PIECES is not a travel agency. We do not engage in “Voluntourism” but real volunteering, which requires volunteers to adapt to extremely precarious living conditions, discomfort, and enter foreign and sometimes hostile social environments dealing with serious issues. This is a risk of volunteering abroad and PIECES cannot issue any explicit safety guarantee or accept any kinds of liability. We are also not liable for organizing your trip and travel documentation – we are, of course, here to help, but you remain responsible.

While applying to one of our projects, you should keep in mind that you will be giving up many conveniences we are used to in Switzerland. While on the project site, you are likely to have limited access to hygiene appliances, medical help, electricity, and transportation. You will also work long teaching hours. Make sure you are able and willing to deal with these kind of problems if you apply for volunteering. It is an incredible, life-changing experience but it is not meant to be a holiday.

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