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Recruitment Process

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to be part of a unique experience? Then sign up as a volunteer for one of our projects. Apply by filling out the application form and uploading your CV and motivation letter, both written in English, in one PDF-File. 
If your application convinces us then we will invite you to an interview in which your English level and person will be assessed. Depending on the number of applicants, we will either interview all candidates or only candidates with outstanding candidatures. 



PIECES is not a travel agency. We do not engage in “Voluntourism” but real volunteering, which requires volunteers to adapt to extremely precarious living conditions, discomfort, and enter foreign and sometimes hostile social environments dealing with serious issues. This is a risk of volunteering abroad and PIECES cannot issue any explicit safety guarantee or accept any kinds of liability. We are also not liable for organizing your trip and travel documentation – we are, of course, here to help, but you remain responsible.

While living at the project site, you might not have a western bathroom, you might fall sick, you might have spiders or cockroaches wandering by your bedside, have no electricity, hospital and public transportation close by, have no road, and long teaching hours. Make sure you are able and willing to deal with these kind of problems if you apply for volunteering. It is an incredible, life-changing experience but it is not meant to be a holiday.

Volunteering Application Form

Upload CV and Motivation Letter

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We strongly advise you to send in your application on a desktop/laptop. Other devices (especially IPad Pros) have been known to only sporadically work with our application form. All of our applicants will receive a mail within 24h which will confirm their successful application to our program.